Bigo Live: Livestreaming app with 200 million user within 2 years of establishment.

The ups and downs of livestreaming app has been on the scene for past couple of  years. We will look at one of the recent  livestreaming app” Bio Live” which has  build a user base of over 200 million within 2 years of establishment.

Bigo Live is a free livestreaming app launched in March 2016 . This Singapore-based app allows you to watch live videos, video chat with your friends, broadcast your life and make new friends across the globe.

The targetted age group of this app are mostly teenagers to age group of 25 who will talk about whats going on their life with the camera pointed at them. Reportedly  a registered users spends average time of 40 minutes daily in this app.

The app also allows users to monetize their live streams through in-app gifts which can be cashed for real money.

According to company director, James, “Bigo Live is not a utility product, it’s a pan-entertainment platform and provides users with a wide variety of content”.He further  adds” the mature content model, localized innovation, and integration as well as traffic bonuses has played important role in the growth of the company.”

The company claims its revenue has been growing by over 15 percent month-on-month.

It is understood that the company  has raised a total of $272M in funding over 2 rounds and the latest funding was raised on 2018 from a Series D round lead by YY, China’s largest video-streaming app by revenue.

Though there are issues that many live streams contain foul language, violence and nudity the company is expected to have exponential growth as its popularity is increasing every seconds.

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