10 Business Ideas with Low Investment

Starting a business is always difficult and risky.  Apart from hard work, dedication and desire to succeed, Investment and funding also plays a significant role in shaping your business. We will be looking at 10 low investment business ideas which are worth taking risk in this article.

Spending millions of dollars in starting a business is not viable for everyone who wish to create something of their own. If you are looking to start your own venture firstly you need to have good business idea with low investment and good returns. Most of the unicorn startup were started with very little investment. There can be 100s of low investment business ideas but you need to sort it out which can be beneficial and worth pursuing.

low investment business plan

To make it easy we have listed 10 Business Ideas with Low Investment which can provide you good returns.

  1. Content Writing
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Pet Care Services
  4. Personal Chef
  5. Baby Care Service
  6. Online Store
  7. Blogging
  8. Website Flipping
  9. Affiliate Sales and Marketing
  10. Property Management

Low Investment Business Ideas

1. Content Writing

Content writers typically create content for the Web. With the growth of website and online advertisement, the requirement of content writer has sky rocketed in past few years.

content writing low investment business ideas

Every website owner and business houses are looking for creative content on their website. You can reach them and pitch your idea about how you can improve their content. Also there are many freelancer website from where you can get  initial work and start your business.

content writing business

If you are good at creative writing then you can even start this business from your home with zero investment. All you need to have is laptop and internet.

Minimum Investment to start Content Writing Business: 0$.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is modern business model where you don’t need to  keep the products  in stock to sell.  Dropshippers work as intermediaries  between suppliers and customers.

drop shipping

Once you receive order from customer all you need to do is to transfer that order information to the suppliers by keeping certain percentage of commission and supplier dispatches the product form its warehouse to the customer.

dropshipping low investment business ideas

Dropshipping has become a profitable business with almost no investment. The major advantage of dropshipping business is you don’t even need to pay for inventory until it’s sold to an actual customer.

Minimum Investment to start Dropshipping Business: 0$.

3. Pet Care Services

If you are an animal lover and looking for low investment business opportunity then Pet care service can be your perfect business opportunity. Many people have started to treat their pets like their own children. Because of it the  scope of pet care services has increased significantly.

pet care service low investment business ideas

With people travelling around for work and business many pet owners are looking for pet care service who could watch, care and train their pets. To start this business at first you need to train yourself to care pets and get in touch with pet owners and explain them what value you can provide them by taking care of their pets.

According to recent report Americans spend more than $30 billion annually on their pets and this will definitely grow in years to come.

pet care service

You can implement this low investment  business idea by providing few services like dog walking, training and grooming services, pet sitting, etc  at beginning which can be managed with low investment and expand other services later.

Minimum Investment to start Pet Care Services: 500$.

4. Personal Chef

If you have passion for making tasty food then Personal Chef can be good business idea with very low investment. All you need to have is good cooking skills, buy or lease cooking appliances and few good connection who are willing to pay you regularly for food.

personal chef low investment business ideas

You can start this business with low investment as you need not to have any physical store. Setting up a restaurant or food court with decoration and furniture takes a lot of money.

personal chef

You can start this business as a single person through social media advertisement and expand as soon as you start to get more clients.

Minimum Investment to start Personal Chef Business: 500$.

5. Baby Care Service

Baby care services continue to rank as one of the best business ideas with low investment. Through this business you can provide your services to individual families or can start a daycare of your own starting with low investment.

baby care

It is best to start this business from scratch as a freelancer by providing service to individuals and expand as you get more clients.

Although this is a low investment business idea the scope of growth is very high as parents are getting more busier and finding difficulty to spend time with their baby.

baby care low investment business ideas

If you can get few client at beginning and do well then you get many referral and expand your business.

Minimum Investment to start Baby Care Service: 1000$.

6. Online Store

There are many online platform where you can sell your product or services online. Setting up a physical store requires larger investment compared to online store.

online store

Online store can be another low investment business ideas with good return on investment compared to offline store. Offline store generally have high operation cost. You can start your online store from home by purchasing trendy items directly from manufacturer,click decent photos and videos and selling through various  online platform.

online store low investment business ideas

All you need to do is select few trendy item, built website and market them. You can market it through social media by targeting audiences with low investment.

Minimum Investment to start Online Store: 1000$.

7. Blogging

Blogging is the process of writing a blog, an online journal in which you share your thoughts about a particular subject with readers. It is no longer a part time work or a pocket money job. Rather it is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

bolgging low investment business ideas

There are 1000s of people who have made it as a carrier and making 6 figure income with low or even zero investment. To start blogging you need to determine your blog niche, website and get it started. It would be best if your blog niche is something that you have interest in which will be fun to you as well.

After getting significant follower you can always enter affiliate marketing, ad networks such as AdSense. This can generate lot of passive income with low investment.

8. Website Flipping

This has become popular business ideas with low investment among tech lovers. Website has become similar to  property these days .

In simple words, Website flipping means purchasing website at very low cost and enhancing and upgrading them and selling at high price. It is similar to buying property at low prices and maintaining, repairing and adding value in it and selling at high margin.

website flipping low investment business ideas

To start this business you need not have to be best designer or coder nor you need huge investment. You can quickly learn some skills of Coding, designing and SEO and invest few dollars and get started.

You can make money from the sites by  advertisement and by selling affiliate products.  Once you start earning form it you can get good valuation and sell website and keep continuing same . In this way you can start and earn Website Flipping business with low investment.

9. Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Affiliate sales and marketing is another business ideas with low investment,almost no risk and significant return . It is one of the most popular way of making money online by referring traffic to another website.

Affiliate marketing low investment business ideas

Affiliate marketing is low investment business idea where affiliate marketer can earn by referring visitor to another website to buy product or services. By doing so you can get certain percentage commission from sales.

If you already own an website and driving traffic this can be great opportunity to generate more income. One can earn by referring potential buyer to another website.

10. Property Management

Property management is another low investment business opportunity which do not require any specific knowledge or skills. It is an easy and affordable field to enter.

Property owner may not have enough time to take care of all the details of their property and they outsource it to property manager.

property management low investment business ideas

As a property manager you need to  take care and manage buildings and other real estate properties. This can be for individuals or groups of owners.

If you are well organized, able to connect with people, and be responsive to urgent and difficult situation then you can try your hand in this low investment business. Having a background in real estate is helpful, but not essential.


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