Bermuda Shorts History: Turning necessity into fashion

One of the most stylish and famous clothing attire Bermuda shorts was not made in Bermuda. Also it is not manufactured in Bermuda. Then how come it became Bermuda shorts, let’s find out Bermuda shorts history.

Bermuda Shorts History

Bermuda shorts were originally created for British military force in the 20th century. The concept of Bermuda shorts was brought by men in desk whose duty was to make sure army personnel were appropriately and lightly attired while doing duty in sub-tropical parts of the old British Empire.

It was hard to duty wearing full trouser in the hot weather of sub-tropical region. So these shorts were designed in order to provide comfort to army bermuda shorts

Bermuda, one of the colonies of British Empire was also located in sub-tropical region. The 2nd Battalion, Green Howards (Alexandria Princess of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment) was the first British Army regiment in Bermuda to have officially induced Bermudian shorts.

The clothing stores of Bermuda started to copy the long-in-use summer warm-weather standard dress of British Army shorts and long socks of officers. Thus were “Bermuda Shorts” introduced to the world.  Tailors in the city of Hamilton and the old town modified the garb of Bermuda shorts somewhat. They also established it as the fashion. Bermuda shorts history begins from here.

How Bermuda Shorts became Popular?

British tourists arriving by steamship for long winter holidays were the first to get into the style – and helped spread the fashion to the USA and elsewhere around the world. In doing so, they also helped to ensure that Bermuda shorts became better known as casual wear instead of correct business attire by day and night.

It came into the notice of Bermuda businessmen who use to wear long trouser in the heat of Bermudian late spring, summers and early fall, and into dry weather.

bermuda shorts history

The businessmen adopted Bermuda shorts instead of long trousers. They also added their own version of the original military knee length socks, also with the turn down at the top.

Bermuda shorts have now added to its collection of clothing. At first it was made only in khaki color for the army. Later on other color also became available after Bermuda businessmen adopted them.

bermuda shorts success

Started as a men’s shorts clothing now it is also available for women in various design. Tourist visiting the island prefers the shorts as it is comfortable to wear and suits the weather of the island.

Bermuda shorts are also the national dress of men in Bermuda. Started as a necessity for army personnel working in a sub-tropical region, Bermuda shorts became instant famous in the sub-tropical region.

Before Bermuda shorts no such clothes were designed for places having hot weather. Bermuda shorts tapped the unsatisfied need of the consumer. Bermuda shorts gained the advantage of becoming first mover in the market.

These shorts are available in many countries around the globe including USA, UK, Australia, Japan, India, Bermuda etc. It is the favorite causal wear of people for spring season. Such is the popularity of Bermuda shorts.

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