India’s Youth Favorite Hangout Place: Cafe Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day is an Indian Coffee chain operating in six countries. CCD operates in India, Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Egypt and Nepal. Targeted towards the youth and teenagers, CCD became famous due to its slogan “A Lot Can Happen over a Cup of Coffee”.

It became instant favorite of Indian youth as it won the heart of youth by assuring them all they need is a cup of coffee and cool place to hangout. CCD became the favorite hangout spot for a lot of Indian youngsters and only few of them knew that CCD is an Indian brand.

About the Company

V.G. Siddhartha opened the first outlet of CCD on 1996  in one of the busiest city of Bangalore, Bridge Road with the initial investment of 1.5 crore.

The parent company of the CCD is Coffee Day Enterprise Limited. V.G. Siddhartha never wanted to do business; all he wanted was to be communist leader when he grew up.

Siddhartha was working as an analyst in JM Financial and Investment Consultancy when he decided to open first CCD outlet with the assistance of family wealth and 10000 acres of coffee farm inherited from his parents.

CCD gets it coffee beans from its own coffee farm. Siddhartha comes from family that has history of 135 years of growing coffee. He used the profit from his investment company to purchase coffee farms in Karnataka’s chikmagalur region.

Growth and Success Story

Café Coffee Day Was established on 1996 and now it has around 1530 outlets across 28 states of India as of March 2015. CCD also has expanded its business in Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Egypt and Nepal.

Coffee Day serves annual of 1.8 billion cups of coffee, in six countries. The quirky tagline of CCD “A Lot Can Happen over a Cup of Coffee” attracted youths. CCD did marketing campaign focusing on the youths. The positioning of the product was done in such way that youths felt connected to the brand.

It assured youth that all you need is a cup of coffee and a cool place to hangout. They are focused on endorsing Café Coffee Day as a place to have conversations. The marketing campaign such as “Sit Down and Talk” made the positioning of the brand stronger.

CCD also produces its coffee beans itself. They have a team which visits the coffee farms several times during harvest season so that they pick the bean when it’s just right. The beans are neither over nor under ripe.


The other major strategy CCD applied was vertical integration. CCD produces coffee beans itself, manufactures coffee machines, and also makes the furniture for its outlets.It has now over 5000+ employees.

The major products of CCD are Coffee, Tea, Pastries, Cappuccinos beverages and smoothies. CCD to the youth is a “hangout” spot where they meet people, make conversations, and have a whole lot of fun over steaming cups of great coffee.  CCD is the largest organized retail café chain in India.

Social Corporate Responsibility

Café Coffee Day also looks after a tribe that handpicks the coffee beans in the kathlekhan estate. A school and hospital is run by CCD for the people of that tribe. Free electricity is provided to all the homes by CCD.

Social Media Marketing

Café Coffee Day promotes as a place to have conversation among people. CCD only invests 2% of top line on marketing.

CCD has its own Facebook page and Twitter handle which focus on image update to throb with the zeal of teenagers. It also uses Video ad to market its product. One of such famous video ad is “Sit Down and Talk”.

Current Scenario

Today with more than 1500 cafes spread across 209 cities across India, Café Coffee Day is India’s largest coffee chain.

The cafe also has an international presence in Austria, the Czech Republic and Malaysia. And that’s how an Indian brand craves its name in our hearts with a perfect cuppa coffee!




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