Goodlord Startup Story: Easing Residential Tenancy Transaction.

Renting is one of the world’s traditional and oldest market. The complexity which arises from renting agreement cannot be explained in words. With the lack of technology renting sector was still traditional and not technology driven.  But Goodlord startup is now changing rapidly to make the process efficient and more transparent.

History of Goodlord

Technology driven startup Goodlord was  founded in 2014 to efficiently  manage  lettings process.  Goodlord startup was confounded in London by CEO Richard White  and brothers Philip and Tom Mundy. It is the 1st  software technology to enable all aspects of the residential tenancy transaction. A single system will manage all these transaction. This will definitely remove all the headache and complexity of renting sector.


goodlord startup founder
Goodlord cofounders Tom Mundy and Richard White.

How Goodlord Startup solves Traditional Issue?

Goodlord startup is a cloud based platform that solve the problem of outdated software.  It digitize the rental transaction and dramatically reduces the time-consuming administration. Also it  improves the tenant and landlord experience.  The startup  has grown its client base to over 400 agencies across  UK whose  ultimate goal is to make the rental process easier and more transparent.

Goodlord is Software-as-a-Service platform. It will support all stakeholders, including traditional high-street letting agents, as well as landlords and, of course, tenants.

goodlord startup

Goodlord Startup Funding

The Startup received £7 million Series A round in 2017  and has now secured a further £7 million of funding.  The latest round led by new investor Finch Capital, supported by existing investors, Rocket Internet and Global Founders Capital.

According to  CEO, William Reeve,” The new funding will be used to build new products and grow its customer base. Also Goodlord will invest in the further development of proprietary technology. This will assist to  achieve its mission of making renting simple and more transparent for letting agents, tenants and landlords.”

The startup saw business growth of 120% in last 12 months. Along with that it received significant funding  as a fresh investment. The client base has also grown exponentially in recent times. All these positive can  indicate Goodlord startup certainly has brighter days to follow. Lets see how much real impact can this cloud based technology platform have in renting industry.

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