Shuttl- Reinventing Delhi Commute System

Delhi, one of the most polluted and crowded city of India was searching for way to curb city traffic and pollution. The Delhi government even implemented odd and even system to reduce the traffic of the city.

Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya, two IIT graduates thought of solution to solve the problem of high traffic of the city.

Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya, Founders Shuttl

The government was looking to solve the problem from the supply point of view, but we looked to slove the problem from a demand point tells Amit Singh Co-founder of Gurugram based Shuttl.

The situation of public transport in Delhi is not that good, public transport are either overpriced or overcrowded. Passengers simply want to go their workplace without any kind of stress and trouble. Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya decided to slove this problem, so they founded Shuttl on February 19, 2015.

Shuttl is a mobile app through which you can check bus routes, book your tickets and even time & reschedule your shuttle. Shuttl has made travel to office easy and stress free.

The company now runs on average 450 air-conditioned buses that are spread among 75 routes connecting areas across Delhi. Shuttl offers some 20000 rides a day from 300 pick-up points. Commuter must book seats on the company’s app, paying between Rs 50 and Rs 80 ($1.2), depending on the route. The other plans are daily and monthly plans which are priced between $3.8(RS 250) and $31(RS 2000) respectively.

Shuttl raised a total of $35.2 M with annual revenue of estimated $1M. The innovative startup is funded by 12 investors and 5 lead investors viz., Trifecta Capital, Alexa Fund and Amazon are a few names in the list.




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