FrontApp- One of the Best Shared Inbox Tools

Overview of Front App

FrontApp is an email-based application or simply shared inbox that lets you manage all of your broadcasting channels. It can be any channels such as email, chat, SMS, social media. FrontApp helps to collaborate with every team member. Even more, building a better workplace.

Mathilde Collin and Laurent Perrin launched the Front app in 2014. The front app is changing the way the team works in 2019. Mathilde Collin and co-founder Laurent Perrin along with the team of 17 people built the front app. FrontApp supports multiple platforms such as mac, windows, and ios, android for mobile based. Furthermore, we can use on the web too.


Why should one use FrontApp?

FrontApp serves as one of the best-shared inbox tools for teams.  It is very handy in a collaborative working environment to get your emails, text and social media done in one place. With FrontApp you can easily reduce response times, increase and measure agent productivity, and efficiently staff your team. In addition, it provides customer support with a personal touch.

Some of the amazing features in FrontApp are as follows:

  • Group Email Management– Manage Group email addresses in an organized way
  • Multi-Channel Inbox– Reply to SMS text, facebook, emails and a lot more that is all in Front
  • Shared Visibility–  See who’s working on what to avoid duplicate replies
  • Internal Discussions– Collaborate with team member via internal comments using original mail, instead of forwarding or replying
  • Shared Drafts– You can edit the email as a team member like google docs to write it even better
  • Smart Scheduling–  Schedule your meeting times into emails to allow people to book meetings in one click

Front App Net Worth

According to Crunchbase report, Front App has raised a total of $79.3M in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 24, 2018, from a Series B round. Front App is funded by 30 investors. Tribe Capital and Caffeinated Capital are the most recent investors. FrontApp is one resilient startup to watch out for 2019. With the huge amount of funds on their side, we can be assured that they are brewing something amazing.

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