Park and Diamond – Comfortable & Foldable Helmets Ever Designed

Overview of Park & Diamond

Park and Diamond is such a comfortable & super safe helmet for all riders ever designed by former SpaceX engineers. David Hall and Jordon Klein formed Park and Diamond to find better solutions. The Park and Diamond is the first portable & safe bicycle helmet which is collapsible and can be easily stored in your handbag or backpack.

Why to Wear Park & Diamond Helmet?

Helmets implement next-generation materials & technology and look like a baseball cap. Significantly more efficient at absorbing and dissipating energy than traditional helmets. Safety of the rider is crucial while riding any vehicle. Whether you ride a bicycle, motorbike or car you should wear safety gears. People usually wear safety gear while riding motorbike or cars but not when they are riding a bicycle.

Even more this collapsible helmet can be more convenient for those who sit back on motorbike or bicycle. According to the recent data, 97 percent of cyclists who die in the accident were not wearing a helmet.After one of their sisters was hit by a car while riding a bicycle. She spent the next 4 months in a coma as two engineers knew that if we put our heads together we could do something about this problem.

People don’t want to carry around huge chunks of foam because they’re uncomfortable and inconvenient. Now helmets became more important than ever whether you are riding or sitting at a bike, bicycle or something else. At the moment Park & Diamond Helmet brings a great solution to this problem.

Park and diamond helmet


Park and Diamond make protective gear for bicycle riders. The protective gears are so compact, small and easy to put inside a pant pocket. The helmet looks like a baseball cap but is as strong as diamond. Due to its well-tested and strong protection gears, a helmet is as safe as traditional helmet.

Most recently they won a competition called Red Bull Launchpad and got a chance to display their product at Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC.  The Virginia tech entrepreneur David Hall and Jordon Klein are bringing life to the helmet industry.


park and diamond helmet Foldable

Park & Diamond Net Worth

Park & Diamond has raised a total of $2.2M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding raised from a Product Crowdfunding round on Oct 30, 2018. URBAN-X funded Park & Diamond. For video illustrations, please check it out here.

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