Best Cryptocurrency Investing App: Bundil App

Your money is more powerful than you know. It only takes a little and from there you can multiply and grow. Bundil is one of the best cryptocurrency investing app that takes the spare changes that you purchase every day that can be coffee, lunch or gas. It automatically invests your spare amount to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The evolution of money started from the barter system and now it has reached to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation units of currency to verify the transfer of funds and operates independently of a central bank.

The person named Dimitry Love built the app called Bundil which allows investing in cryptocurrency. He built this app when his family started constantly asking about how they can invest in cryptocurrency. Bundil app allows you to automatically invest your spare change from everyday credit or debit card. Furthermore, Bundil is compatible with hundreds of banks. Cryptocurrency has started to gain popularity in recent years, whereas many financial experts have also termed cryptocurrency as the future.


Bundil app overview




How Bundil app works?

Step 1: At first you have to link Bundil app with your credit card or debit card account. Even more, Bundil is compatible with more than hundreds of banks. Don’t worry it is fully secured, easy and hassle-free.

bundil app

   Image Source: Bundil Website

Step 2: At this process, Bundil rounds off from your spending to the nearest dollar value and invest into cryptocurrency you choose.

bundil app

Step 3: At the end, you can track down portfolio growth, and manage currencies all without leaving Bundil app. You can even snooze investing any time you want.

bundil app

Amazing features that are in Bundil:

Rounding Options: You can increase portfolio as fast as you like. Standard rounding options start from $0.50 or $1.00 for every transaction.

Snooze Roundup: You can stop your roundup anytime you like. At the time when you snooze your purchase amount will not be used for investment.

Withdraw or buy extra anytime: See some ups and downs in the market. You can buy or sell your coin at any time.

Super easy to use: It is easy and hassle-free to use. Even super simple for new investors.

As a kind of cryptocurrency investing app Bundil has recently received funding of $100k from its investor Kevin O’Leary. At last, not least, Bundil is unique from other apps as it allows customers to invest automatically using their credit or debit cards to purchase various forms of cryptocurrency.  With people already moving from cash to credit cards & debit cards, and the enhancement of technology day by day the company will see its better days ahead.

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