Vestua: Buying & Selling Branded Clothes Like a New

We have heard various Startups story of fashion brands. Here Presenting you the story of Unique fashion Startup Vestua where you can buy Second-Hand Brand Clothes Online at a cheap price.

What is Vestua?

Vestua is a Spanish e-commerce Startup Company. It is a fashion brand company which sells second-hand clothes and accessories to those who cannot buy xanax with paypal afford the brand new ones. The company does all the work starting from collecting clothes to selling it.

Get Second Hand Brand Clothes Online in Vestua

Vestua picks the clothes from the sellers who are selling their clothes and also manage the logistics of the company. You can find many brands of clothes on this site.

Vestua appeals to those sections who wants branded clothes but cannot afford it. It provides an ultimate solution to those people by offering branded second-hand clothes at a  very low price.

On the other hand, before purchasing it from the sellers quality of clothes and accessories are checked. So that buyers don’t have to worry about its quality. Thus, Vestua provides quality assurance to each and every buyers who seek to get second-hand brand clothes online.

Vestua major source of revenue is its website. The startup earns almost 60 percent of the total cost of a piece sold through its website. Vestua has recently received $400k in funding which makes it as one of the startups to look out for 2019.

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